Lancaster Classic Style Shootup Compound Leagues

Branch County Conservation and Sportsman’s Club is Branch County’s home for archery. Located in Coldwater Michigan the club enjoys a 20-yard, indoor, heated archery range that hosts leagues and competitions throughout the year. The outdoor archery range is over 100 yards long and provides members a place to sight in for the hunting season. We have a well-equipped archery workshop where members can test and tune their equipment. When it is not used for either of the above, it is available to members and their guests for practice. A small lane fee is required to use the range for members and guests. A member must accompany guests. Lane fees are waived for unlimited members.

Archery in Coldwater Michigan has a rich history, come and join us.

Lane Fees


Open Shoot 

Monday night at 7:00 pm November and December

League information

Monday night Compound Winter League 7:00 pm January through February
Friday night Traditional league 7:00 pm January thru February
$5 per night league fee for all participants, includes target face

Range Rules

*  Never let small children out of your sight on an archery range
*  Never shoot from behind the shooting line
*  Never cross the shooting line until all others have shot and the command to pull is given
*  Never shoot across the shooting lanes. (cross-shooting)
*  Never handle another person’s equipment without permission.
*  Never leave the shooting line while the person in front or behind you is at full draw.
*  No running on the range.
*  No horseplay on the range.
*  Shoot only in assigned and designated shooting lanes.
*  Always be respectful of other’s equipment.
*  Watch where you walk and be careful when removing your bow from the bow-rack.
*  Remain quiet after you have finished shooting and are waiting for others to finish.
*  While on the shooting line, do not allow your equipment to interfere with others on the shooting line.
*  If there are two or more shooters shooting, one must be designated the Range Safety Officer and fulfill that role.
*  Obey all verbal and whistle commands of the Range Safety Officer.
*  No Broadheads

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For more information:

John Underwood
Archery Chairman
(517) 677-9552

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