Rifle Range

The 300-yard rifle range is open to members and their accompanied guests 365 days a year (with the exception of special events), and features an enclosed clubhouse and pistol bay. The rifle range is home to many events and competitions throughout the year, including the 3-Gun Shoot, Steel Plate Challenge, Falling Plates, and Precision Rifle. 

General Information

*  Berms are located at 50 yards, 100 yards, 200 meters, and 300 yards
*  Pistol bay is 20 yards
*  Pistol bay and Rifle range run hot or cold independently.
*  Target stands and shooting benches provided
*  A500 metal targets provided.
*  AP Ammo is not permitted.
*  50 BMG is not permitted. 

Lane Fees

Adult MemberYouth MemberAdult Accompanied
Youth Accompanied

A one-year unlimited pass can be purchased for $100 

Range Rules

1.People using alcohol and/or drugs will not shoot or handle guns
2.Load only on the firing line and keep muzzles pointed down range.
3.Un-cased guns will have the actions open, magazines out and muzzles up behind the firing line. Unloaded handguns may be holstered.
4.Shooters/people will not go down range until all guns are unloaded, actions open, muzzles pointed downrange and the shooting line is called safe.
5.Paper targets or metallic silhouettes only. Shooting glass targets, glass bottles, rocks, buildings, target frames, or shooting around bunkers is prohibited.
6.Members must accompany invited guests on the range. Members are responsible for the actions of guests.
7.Clean up before you leave. Do not leave brass, shot-up paper targets, empty ammo boxes, cans, plastic jugs, or other discarded items for other to clean-up after you.
8.If you observe willful destruction of range property or willful careless shooting, please obtain the vehicle license plate number, if possible, and it will be taken care of by the proper authorities.