April 21, 2024

Sunday 9am

Course will start with 5 ground targets (Rams, Ducks Bowling pins etc) Falling plate trailer (6)  2 IPSA targets requiring 2 shots per target, requiring a total of 15 rounds if no misses.

Shotgun  poppers, with an Aerial target, 4 ground targets (bowling Pins)  requiring 10 shotgun shells (7 1/2 or smaller, 3 dram or less)  and 1 Slug at an IPSA target.

Rifle Texas Star and 10 10" steel targets requiring 15 rounds with no misses.

Minimum  Round count:  Pistol 45, Shotgun 30 target loads and 3 slugs, Rifle 45 rounds


302 East Fenn Road
Coldwater, Michigan 49082

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