Falling Plates 3rd Friday

Falling Plates 3rd Friday

July 19, 2024

Falling Plates is all about pistol control and speed. The goal is simple, knock down all six metal plates as quickly as possible.

The last Friday of each month is Pistol Falling Plates.

Handguns, both semi-automatic and revolver may be used.  Both rimfire & centerfire can be used.  No AR pistols.  Only straight wall cases, no bottleneck cartridges.

There are  6 Metallic plates set to 33′.  Shooter will shoot the plate table 3 times with a maximum of 10 rounds.

The second set of 3 rounds, Shooters will be randomly paired.  Both shooters shoot the 6 plates as fast as they can.

The last round is an elimination round.

This is shot indoors in a heated environment.  The outdoor field is lighted.

Lastly, a dollar round is shot.  Shooters are randomly assigned to a team via computer.  A designed course is setup to help you hone your skills.  Each team shoots against each other.  The Team with the fastest team wins.  These scenarios are rarely the same and will force you to become a better shooter.

302 East Fenn Road
Coldwater, Michigan 49082

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