Pistol Drills

Pistol Drills

July 7, 2024

Pistol Drills 9:00 am Sunday


Come join us this Sunday at 9:00 am for pistol drills designed to improve speed and accuracy. Centerfire or rimfire.  Shooters may shoot any or all of the stages, bring at least 2 magazines with ensuring a total capacity of 10 rounds.

Stage 1 Index Cards
From low ready, 5 shots at index card at 7 yards. Will complete 2 times. (10 rounds)

Stage 2 (Best group)
From low ready, 5 shots at 7 yards, measured for best group. Will complete 2 times (10 rounds)

Stage 3 (Triple Threat Plus)
From low ready, 1 target at 7 yards, random number to body, random number to head, random number to lower edge, random number of plates. Will complete 2 times (variable round count)

Stage 4 (10 at 10)
From low ready, 10 targets at 10 yards. Will complete 2 times (20 rounds plus misses).

Stage 5 (bang, bang, bang)
From low ready, 19 targets varying yardage. Will complete 1 time (19 rounds plus misses)

Stage 5 targets may include: Hostages, Texas star(s), plate table, mini IPSC, dueling tree and stop plate.

$10 member
$12 guest


302 East Fenn Road
Coldwater, Michigan 49082

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